Boy Scouts Anti-Gay Policy is Here to Stay. For Now.

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Boy Scouts anti-gay policy was apparently on the verge of being permanently altered, which would have allowed gay men and women to become scout leaders. However, to clarify these rumors, the organization recently stated that their policy against homosexuals is standing firm.

The genesis for this particular story begins in West Virginia, where Jen Tyrrell, a mother and Boy Scout troop leader, lost her position due to her sexuality. A firestorm quickly ensued, with thousands of people embarking on a quest to change the policies that discriminate against those individuals looking to assume leadership roles within the organization. What started out as a local story soon found its way into the national spotlight.

After putting together a petition and gathering approximately 300,000 signatures, she sent the document to the Boy Scouts of America. Although the BSA claims they've received the petition, a spokesperson stated that a change isn't currently in the works.

According to the Huffington Post, however, the Boy Scouts of America is currently reviewing a resolution that would allow individual units to decide whether or not to allow gay men and women to participate in the program.

When CBS 21 News inquired about the organization's decision to leave the policy in place, a spokesperson nimbly avoided the question, stating, "We don’t have an agenda on this issue. We don’t ask about people’s sexuality. The policy is the way it is, because we do not believe that our youth development program is the right place to have this discussion."

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