"Bounty Gate" Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

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The folks over at NMA are at it again, this time with their own take on the New Orleans Saints "Bounty Gate" fiasco. The animation looks at the situation from a slightly skewed angle, but somehow still brings up some valid points concerning the hypocrisy of the NFL. It's not all business though, as in true NMA fashion there are several moments of hilarity, as the video features:

  • Brett Favre being torn in half, only to be put back together
  • Roger Goodell in full CSI mode examining the crime scene with a comical large Q-tip
  • Chicago Bears players injecting one another with a excessively large syringe
  • Jay Cutler transforming into a bull and plowing through various New York Giants players
  • Sean payton and Gregg Williams being executed via firing squad
  • Roger Goodell going all Joaquin Phoenix and giving thumbs down to dueling gladiators

Check out the full animation or yourself below:

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