Borderlands 2 DLC Trailer Reveals Sand Pirates


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Gearbox want to make sure gamers aren't jumping off the Borderlands 2 bandwagon and playing any of the other fantastic games that are being released in the next few weeks. Already, the company challenged the launch of Dishonored by releasing the new Mechromancer pre-order downloadable content (DLC) class one week early.

Tomorrow, Gearbox is releasing the first major DLC for Borderlands 2. Titled Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, the DLC will feature new locations, a new story, a new vehicle (the sandskiff, which fires harpoons) new enemies. It will have - wait, you know what? It's pirates. Borderlands 2 with pirates. Pirates in the desert, so, as Gearbox Game Designer Jon Hemingway says in the video below, they are "sand pirates." Anyone familiar with the Borderlands series will know that the games' trademark humor will shine through and there will be plenty of booty (loot) for the taking.

IGN got the scoop on the upcoming DLC and the videos below show exactly what players can expect from the content. Gamers who can't wait until tomorrow should study the videos closely and plan their assault on the pirate strongholds.