Bon Jovi Invited Prince William Onstage...And He Went

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Bon Jovi was invited to the Winter Whites Gala this year, which benefits the charity Centrepoint (an organization that helps homeless young people). He attended along with Taylor Swift and they both took the stage in the first concert ever performed at the event, but that wasn't the only first: JBJ invited Prince William up to help him sing "Livin' On A Prayer", and he TOTALLY DID.

Bon Jovi was, of course, not fazed at all by meeting Prince Will, as he's already tight with the rest of the royal fam.

"I met his father and I met his grandfather. He's still a young kid to me, but a nice young kid," he said. "The baby's next, its all good."

Swift was a little more excited, saying that she chatted with Will for a bit and that he was "really funny".

"I'm absolutely excited. I don't think I've ever played at a palace before so it is really wonderful. It's really wondrous, I think they've done an amazing job of putting this together," she said.

Luckily, the entire performance was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube for the rest of us lowly normal people to enjoy.

Amanda Crum
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