Body Of Missing Michigan Doctor Found In Indiana Lake

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On Sunday, authorities pulled out a body from Lake Charles that was later positively identified as Teleka Patrick.

Patrick, 30, who was last seen in in Kalamazoo, Michigan, had been reported missing since December. She failed to show up at work on December 6 and her abandoned Lexus was found in a ditch the night before. Police, together with search dogs, were dispatched at the location of her vehicle, but they found no traces of Patrick.

It was a fisherman who discovered the body of the medical resident on Sunday. He called the authorities and reported to have seen something suspicious in the lake. According to autopsy reports from the coroner’s office, there was no evidence of body trauma and the autopsy results are consistent with drowning. However, investigation is still ongoing.

Reports from authorities said that Patrick was behaving strangely just before her disappearance. Ismael Calderon, Patrick’s ex-husband, also had worries about his ex-wife’s mental health.

Investigators also mentioned Marvin Sapp, a pastor and Grammy-nominated gospel singer who got a personal protection order against Patrick last year. Sapp said that Patrick visited his home, contacted his children, and even claimed to be his wife.

Gospel singer Marvin Sapp got a personal protection order against Patrick last year

Patrick also had a few YouTube videos wherein she is shown singing love songs to the camera. In one video, Patrick says, “Hi, baby. I am just coming to you to say ‘hi’ and tell you about my day.” According to Patrick’s mother, she was not aware of any relationship her daughter might have had before her disappearance.

With the discovery of Patrick’s body, some questions have been answered, but more remain unclear. The question that everybody is asking is whom Patrick was talking to when she made the YouTube videos. Investigators are looking into the possibility that the person may know what happened to Patrick.

Patrick’s family released a statement saying, “As we mourn Teleka, we must also honor her; honor the life she led, honor her kind spirit and honor her devotion to God and others.”

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