Bobbi Kristina Brown: What Will Happen To Her Millions If She Doesn't Make It?

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Bobbi Kristina Brown still battles for her life in an Atlanta area hospital.

However, the longer the battle goes on, the more unlikely it seems that Bobbi Kristina Brown will pull through unscathed.

Discussion has turned to Bobbi Kristina Brown's money and where it will go if she dies.

Bobbi Kristina Brown's mother, Whitney Houston, left her an estimated $20 million.

The payout works like this. Bobbi Kristina Brown was to get $1 million on her 21st birthday. Then, she would get $3 million when she turns 25, with the remainder being given to her at 30.

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If Bobbi Kristina Brown doesn't make it, her grandmother Cissy Houston and Whitney’s two brothers will inherit the rest of the money left in the trust.

This doesn't count for any money that Bobbi Kristina Brown has already received or any of her assets. If she doesn't have a will in place, then that money will all be inherited by her next of kin, which would be her father, Bobby Brown.

Of course, there have been questions surrounding Nick Gordon and whether he has a stake on her fortune. However, unless Nick can prove that he legally married Bobbi Kristina Brown, he probably won't get his hands on much.

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Unless he had something to do with the disappearance of Bobbi Kristina Brown's $250K ring that she received from her late mother.


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Bobbi Kristina Brown's 10 carat ring, worth a reported quarter of a million dollars, is in safe keeping according to Nick Gordon's mother, but it is unsure if she meant the same ring.

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But, the family has been trying to track it down since Bobbi Kristina Brown was discovered unconcious in her bathtub on January 31st, with no luck.

What do you think will happen to Bobbi Kristina Brown's ring?

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