Bobbi Kristina Brown: Is Her Family Taking Her Home to Die?

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Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in her bathtub four and a half months ago. She has never regained consciousness. Now a new report says her family members--possibly spearheaded by her grandmother Cissy Houston--are taking Bobbi Kristina home to die.

"They are planning to keep her in Georgia and possibly bring her back to the townhouse," a source says. "That was her home and her mum's home. If they can bring her back it would be great. If she's alive, then let her be home and surrounded by beautiful photos of her mum. It's as good as it gets in such a bad situation."

Bobby Brown, however, hasn't made a definite decision. He is afraid to have Bobbi Kristina so far away from the life-saving measures a medical facility can provide.

It wasn't so long ago that Bobby Brown said he would never remove Bobbi Kristina from life support--even if the possibility of her recovering became even less than it was at that time.

It will be interesting to learn in the coming days if either Bobby Brown or CIssy Houston--the mother of the late Whitney Houston--speaks to the media about the notion of bringing Bobbi Kristina Brown home to die.

Lots of Bobby Brown's relatives have provided false information to the media in the past.

Might this be yet another of those situations?

Do you think Bobby Brown will agree to let Bobbi Kristina go home to die?

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