Bobbi Kristina Brown: Inside The Hospice Center Where She Waits To Die

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Bobbi Kristina Brown is still alive, as far as we all know. There have been rumors that she has passed on, but as of this writing, those have not been conformed.

There have been reports of hearses arriving, tents being put up, and family members coming and going at the hospice center where Bobbi Kristina is being cared for. There was even a fake funeral video purporting to prove that Bobbi Kristina had already died and the family was keeping it secret.

Tyler Perry shamed all such reports. "It makes me sad to know that everybody wants to be the first to report something awful," Perry said of the stories surrounding Bobbi Kristina and family. "So much so, that they find it OK to speak death onto those who are still alive. May I ask you all to please show some decency and respect?"

Something to keep in mind is that the hospice center where Bobbi Kristina is staying actually houses more than just her. According to the Peachtree Christian Hospice website, they actually have 16 beds. Those tents, hearses, and some of that activity could have been for anyone else.

The Peachtree Christian Hospice where Bobbi Kristina is staying is on an eight-acre spread in Duluth, Georgia. The Center "is a 16-bed inpatient facility that surrounds a courtyard filled with beautiful trees, plants, two ponds, a gazebo, and seasonal flower gardens."

Some of the amenities that patients and family, including Bobbi Kristina, can enjoy there, despite the dire circumstances in which many inpatients find themselves, include:

-comfortable family rooms with a library, cable television, and a wireless computer on each unit
-a family bath on each unit for families who wish to shower or freshen up
-a family laundry room and vending machines
-a quiet parlor on each unit
-a large kitchen area on each unit with refrigerator, ice maker, microwave, and coffeemakers for families to keep and prepare their own food
-a formal and spacious dining room that may be reserved for special occasions
-a beautiful reception area
-an inter-faith chapel which includes resources for all major faith groups
-an extensive administrative wing

Bobbi Kristina and family are cared for, as area all patients, "through an interdisciplinary approach, hospice gives patients and their families the support, dignity, and encouragement to make choices about their end of life care."

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