Bobbi Kristina Brown Hospice Scene: Pat Houston Running the Show, Jerod Brown Sparks Concerns About Death

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Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in a hospice facility just outside Atlanta for a month now, with her aunt, Pat Houston, at her side. Sources claim Pat Houston is running the entire show regarding Bobbi Kristina's end of life formalities--with Cissy Houston keeping close tabs on everything from behind the scenes.

It seems the alleged peace between the Brown and Houston families may not be so peaceful after all, with the Houston side fearful that once Bobbi Kristina passes away, the Brown family members will make a mad dash to collect valuables.

This is--in part--the reason behind Pat Houston and other members of the Houston family cleaning out Bobbi Kristina's townhouse in Roswell recently.

Media reports in recent days made it sound like the townhouse was just cleaned out in recent days, but in truth, the process has been ongoing for a couple of months. Bobbi Kristina Brown's uncles Gary and Ray have been at the townhouse several times cleaning the place out. Furniture and valuables were removed first, hence the reason everything else has gone into a dumpster.

It's sad to think that bad blood still exists between the Houston and Brown families, and that people would take advantage of this 22-year-old's tragedy for financial gain. Seeing some of the rants of Brown family members like Leolah Brown and Jerod Brown, however, make it clear that little peace exists between the families.

In fact, Jerod Brown's most recent post on social media has some believing Bobbi Kristina has passed away, and that the family is keeping silent about her death.

"When the smoke clears you'll know everything there is to know," he captioned a photo of himself on Instagram just over a day ago.

Meanwhile Cissy Houston, Bobbi Kristina's grandmother and the person who reportedly leads Pat Houston from afar, is unable to be by her granddaughter's bedside, but speaks with her daily. Pat Houston holds the phone up to Bobbi Kristina's ear so her grandmother can whisper words of love and likely heaven, too, as her time on earth draws to a close.

Do you expect a family circus will erupt between the Brown and Houston families once Bobbi Kristina passes away?

One source claims a recent funeral video dated 7/30/2015 is actually a 'funeral rehearsal' created by the Houston family, so they can have the proper entertainment lined up to perform. This is likely just another unfounded statement, however. The YouTube clip is disturbing and tasteless.

Nick Gordon--Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend--was served with a $10 million civil lawsuit, alleging he caused physical harm to Bobbi Kristina in the days leading up to her discovery--unconscious in her bathtub. Bobby Brown has not allowed him to visit her throughout her hospitalization, rehab, or hospice stay.

It's sad that such a tragedy has befallen Bobbi Kristina Brown and her family. It's almost as sad to think her family will fight over her wealth when she passes away.

What do you expect will take place when the Houston and Brown families finally announce that Bobbi Kristina has passed?

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