Bobbi Kristina Brown: Boyfriend Nick Gordon Says Drugs Caused Her Health Crisis--He Didn't

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Bobbi Kristina Brown lies in bed at a hospice outside of Atlanta, as family members surround her and wait for her to draw her very last breath. Meanwhile her boyfriend Nick Gordon is trying hard to make people see his side of things. Gordon claims he isn't responsible for what happened to Bobbi Kristina. Drugs are instead.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was discovered facedown and unconscious in the bathtub of her Roswell, Georgia home back on January 31st. She has never regained consciousness. Now removed from all forms of life support, she will soon be reunited with her mother, Whitney Houston.

A conservator for Bobbi Kristina has filed a civil lawsuit against Nick Gordon, alleging that in the days leading up that fateful January day, he not only physically abused her but also withdrew money from her bank account without her permission.

TMZ reports that Nick Gordon says he will "take people down" if they remove Bobbi Kristina Brown from life support.

Clearly that didn't happen. In a phone call recorded by one of Nick Gordon's family members, he allegedly said the following.

"I'll tell you the honest truth, Krissy, she was under a lot of stress and we were all doing drugs and you know, all, all drinking, bro."

"She just did too much man. She, listen, listen bro. I will officially stay from bath tubs forever, I'll tell you that."

"When Krissy wakes up she'll tell the truth to everybody. Everybody will feel stupid as f***... You know Krissy got in an accident 2 days before this happened and the man is in critical condition right now."

"If they take her off that life support, the police are going to have to take me down bro."

Investigators consider Nick Gordon a "person of interest" in the Bobbi Kristina Brown case.

Do you think Nick Gordon caused Bobbi Kristina's present condition--or did drugs, as he stated in his recorded phone call?

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