Bobbi Kristina Brown: Attorneys for Nick Gordon Claim He Tried to "Save Her Life"

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Bobbi Kristina Brown's autopsy report has many speculating that Nick Gordon is now off the hook for taking her life, while others cling to the authorities' report that the investigation into her death isn't over.

Meanwhile, according to attorneys for Nick Gordon, he loved Bobbi Kristina Brown, and tried to "save her life."

"The truth is that Nick tried to save Bobbi Kristina's life. The truth is that Nick cooperated with law enforcement since day one. The truth is that no one loved Bobbi Kristina more than Nick and no one has suffered more as a result of her death than Nick," a statement from Jose Baez and Joe S. Habachy to People magazine reads.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia home back on January 30, 2015. She died the following July, having never regained consciousness.

"Nick Gordon's life has been tumultuous since January of 2015 when he lost the love of his life," Baez and Habachy say in the statment. "On top of being prohibited from visiting Bobbi Kristina at the hospital for the last six months of her life, Nick has been publicly humiliated for more than a year.

"Throughout that time," the statement continues, "the Fulton County District Attorney's office has tried to make Nick a murderer despite having clear and convincing evidence that Bobbi Kristina's death was nothing more than a tragic accident, evidence that the District Attorney's office fought to seal and conceal from the public rather than allowing her fans to know the truth."

On Friday, attorneys for Bobbi Kristina Brown's father, Bobby Brown, released a statement, saying, "We will continue in our efforts in the civil lawsuit and the criminal investigation."

A conservator for Bobbi Kristina Brown filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Nick Gordon a few months ago.

Lawyers for Nick Gordon don't explain in their statement to People magazine exactly how Nick Gordon tried to save Bobbi Kristina Brown's life. Do you expect that means he tried to prevent her from using drugs? That doesn't seem likely. Perhaps they mean he attempted to revive her when she was discovered unconscious in her bathtub in January of 2015.

Do you think Nick Gordon played a role in the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown? If so, what do you think that role might have been?

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