Bob Saget Reveals Smelly Relationship with the Olsen Twins


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Bob Saget, better known as the single father Danny Tanner on the ‘90s sitcom Full House, opens up about how real his daddy role was on set.

In his latest autobiography, Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian, Saget shares a few details into his life when it comes to family-related death, losing a job, divorce, near-death experiences, personal demons, and his eventual transformation into a dirty comedian.

However, one of the most interesting parts of Saget's book gives insight into his experience as an on-camera family man and his relationship with the cast.

The 57-year-old acted as father to show characters D.J. and Stephanie. When it came to the youngest daughter Michelle-portrayed by 27-year-old twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen-his real paternal instincts always kicked in naturally.

He recounted the times when he had to take care of the then 9-month-old girls even in the smelliest circumstances.

“Cameras were rolling and one of the young ladies had made a poop, which had to be removed or we would have been holding a child with a smashed-poo-filled diaper for a long scene,” Saget writes in his book, according to Mail Online. “A very long scene if you're smelling poo the whole time.”

Changing diapers was nothing new to the comedian. He and ex-wife Sherry Kramer had three daughters-Aubrey, Lara, and Jenny-together during the sitcom's long-running period.

“They were three months old and doing the show and I also had a baby and there was a time when I knew how to diaper them really quickly,” Saget shared.

Sometimes when the twins weren't present on set, Saget's risqué humor would come out to the forefront. Time and time again he was scolded for drawing male parts or making sexual gestures, which he says the young twins sometimes understood as inappropriate.

One thing that is most commendable about the “filthy comedian” is that he genuinely cared for both his off-camera AND on-camera children-implying that he wanted the best for the twin sisters.

“I am protective of [the Olsen twins]," Saget said. "They have a really good family. Their family loves them a lot. When you see a lot of other circumstances of kid performers and how it turns south, it really is from lack of love or misunderstanding and thinking that the whole circus is more important than their lives.”

The comedian talks about his book on Taking Stock:

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