Bob Newhart Would Like To Meet His Ref Doppelganger

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Bob Newhart seemed to have found a new career, and new youth, on Monday when fans spotted a football ref that looked exactly like a young Bob Newhart.

The game was between Ohio State and Oregon. Fans of Bob Newhart noticed right away that the ref was eerily familiar.

Newhart told ET that he was watching the game, but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until his daughter contacted him.

"I noticed he was very handsome, but I never made a connection between he and myself," Bob joked.

"My daughter called because she takes care of the Twitter and the Facebook and all that stuff. She said, 'Dad, turn on the game.' and I said, 'Well, I got it on.' 'People are calling in. They're going crazy on the Internet that the guy looks like you.'"

That is so funny! I think I would have noticed if I was the ref at a game I was watching.

Quickly after his daughter pointed it out, Bob Newhart took to Twitter to make with the jokes.

He didn't stop there. During his interview with ET, he made a crack about his wife of 52 years.

"I woke up this morning and my wife had rode off with him."

He continued, "It's good and bad you know? After 52 years, she's up and bam! Gone."

When he was asked whether or not he would ever want to meet the young ref with the eerie resemblance to himself, he said, "It depends on how tall he is."

He added, "I don't want to look like [Willow actor] Billy Barty next to him, but I'd love to meet him."

Did you see the game and notice the ref that looked like Bob Newhart?

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