Bob Barker Cuts Head in Fall, But He's Ok


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Bob Barker fell and cut his head, but he's doing fine according to his publicist.

The former Price Is Right host was out for his daily walk when he tripped on uneven pavement, according to publicist Henri Bollinger.

According to reports, two police officers actually saw Barker fall and gave him first aid on the scene.

He suffered a head laceration and a scraped leg – but nothing too serious. He did have to get stitches for the head wound, but she's already home from the hospital.

Bollinger says the worst part about the fall is that it will most likely disrupt Barker's daily walks for a little while. Exercise is still a big thing for the 91-year-old Barker.

As are animal rights. He spoke out against mistreatment in zoos and on film sets in a recent interview:

“The animal rights movement is just like huge snowball on a mountain. Americans love their pets, so it’s just a matter of making people aware. They don’t know how other animals are suffering,” Barker told uInterview. “I think zoos should be a thing of the past. They should have animal sanctuaries. The use of animals in movies is just terrible. They have been mistreated for years.”