Blue Ivy To Be Taken Back By Her Surrogate Mother?

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Blue Ivy was obviously born to Beyonce and Jay-Z. I mean, the world fawned over Beyonce's baby bump for months as we awaited the new heir to the royal throne of Carter.

While there was a minute of conspiracy theory when Beyonce appeared to have a collapsible belly in one video, that didn't last long since Beyonce quickly began to post bare-belly pics.

Blue Ivy will, of course, always be the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, but there is a woman out there who has been making claims that she carried and gave birth to Blue Ivy.

Now the woman, Tina Seals, says in a suit she filed against Beyonce, that she wants Blue Ivy back.


What's even weirder is the fact that Tina Seals has a history of making bogus surrogate mom claims in court against celebrities. In fact, Seals has little North West and Prince George on the list of babies she has tried to claim, but of course Kim, Kanye, and the Duke and Duchess have nothing to worry about. Just like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Blue Ivy have nothing to worry about.

However, Matrimonial Family Expert Leslie Barbara says that there is a way in which a surrogate could come back and sue for rights to the baby she carried for someone else.

In New York, paid surrogacy is illegal, but unpaid surrogacy is legal. So, if Tina Seals could prove that Beyonce and Jay-Z paid her for her services (which they didn't, of course, it's just an example), thereby breaking the law, she could actually gain visitation rights.

Blue Ivy is safe, though. There are plenty of medical documents proving that Blue Ivy is made of Beyonce and Jay-Z, besides the fact that the resemblance is super-strong!

I hope Tina Seals can get the help she needs and will leave Blue Ivy alone.

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