Blogger Rolls Out Three New Gadgets For Your Unique Blog

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If you've been feverishly toiling at that blog you really hope to option off for a movie deal in the near future, Blogger has introduced three new tools to help you catch the ears and eyes of a larger audience. After all, your blog might be better suited for a Korean period piece film instead of a mid-summer Hollywood blockbuster/romcom starring Sylvester Stallone.

The first and perhaps most useful of the new tools is a Google Translate gadget you can affix to your blog. You likely compose your blog in one language or, if you're a polyglot, maybe you dabble around in multi-lingual posts to add an air of mystery to your fine words. At any rate, there's always a chance that someone may not read the language you wrote your post in, but fret no longer. Now they won't have to miss out on your dizzying command of your language because if you add the Google Translate gadget to your page, your blog can be automatically translated into any of over 50 languages that Translate supports.

Google Blogger Translate Gadget

Then again, it's hard to imagine a scenario where someone who doesn't speak your language would not only come across your blog but also have the overwhelming desire to read it since, due to the language barrier, that visitor presumably has no idea what you're blogging about.

Moving along, the second and third new gadgets that are now available on Blogger are pretty similar to the Blog List, which keeps track of the other blogs that you enjoy and recommend - I believe the nomenclature for such a list is "blog roll." The first of the two, Link List, is described as such: "Add a collection of your favorite sites, blogs, or web pages." Given you already have a feature to keep track of and promote blogs and other sites with Blog List, this one feels slightly redundant. However, maybe you have a high demand for organization and want to keep your blog roll separate from lists with non-blog sites, like the Washington Post or the BBC.

Google Blogger Gadgets

With the final addition to the Blogger inventory of tools, List allows you to simply type up some things (...) about what you like, such as your favorite books or foods or, really, anything you want. It's just a text list, so you can do whatever you want with it. Throw a recipe in there. List your favorite parts of the periodic table. Recount the first names of all your exes. Do you see the extraordinary possibilities contained with this one? Given that this is kind of what you've already been doing on your blog, this seems a little redundant, too, but maybe you can use it as a quick reference list for your readers, especially now that you're going to be building up your international audience.

[Via Blogger Buzz.]

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