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It's no secret that there is an obvious disconnect between bloggers/journalists and PR professionals. Being in the media industry, we, here at WebProNews, have seen our share of bad pitches, as I'm sure many others can relate. However, I'm also sure that PR professionals detest when their requests go unanswered or when they get shot down.

Have you ever been on either side of this situation? Tell us your experience.

While there are blogger outreach platforms that offer some assistance to this dilemma, they are known for having their own set of problems. For example, services such as Vocus and Cision have been around for a long time but are often discredited for being too big. As a result, they have trouble keeping their databases current.

This is where new blogger outreach platform BlogDash comes into the game. The platform hopes to connect both businesses and bloggers/journalists in a way that brings both parties benefits.

"The idea behind BlogDash is to create an open communication platform so that all the needs and expectations from bloggers and businesses are matched up," said David Spinks, Co-founder of BlogDash.

Bloggers and journalists create bios that include their experience, what they write about, how often they write, and other noteworthy facts. BlogDash uses this data to match businesses with media that have the same goals.

To avoid facing the volume challenge that others deal with, Spinks said that BlogDash would keep its focus set on building a good product. In addition, it plans to obtain the most accurate data and the highest-quality bloggers.

These media databases also raise another potential issue in regards to the responsibility of PR professionals. Although solutions such as BlogDash can be very useful for media and PR professionals, some people who work in PR tend to rely too heavily on the results in the database and slack on their own research. Have you noticed this trend?

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