Blekko Launches Link Widget and Embeddable Search Box

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Community-driven search engine Blekko has introduced new publisher tools focused on link transparency and customized search via Blekkogear.

One of the new tools is called Blekko Link Roll, an embeddable site widget that shows links to a site in real time. Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta tells WebProNews, "The links are pulled in with javascript, so Googlebot will not see them at all. There is no risk that Google would perceive the link widget as an attempt to sell page rank."


Blekko also tells WebProNews "As you know, top brands have recently ended up in the headlines, because vendors may have paid for links to sites in order to fool search engines into higher ranking. Blekko is combating this with the link widget, which allows sites to provide the world link transparency.”

Blekko has also introduced an Embeddable Search Box that allows site owners to customize search tailored to specific content and specific sites.

“Our search box lets publishers build a customized, vertical search engine that will return little to no spam because the search is limited to sources the publishers trust,” said Skrenta.

The Blekko publisher tool package includes:

*The Live Link Roll or Inbound Link Widget, showing publishers who is linking to their site and who they are being linked to.

*Embedded Search Box with customized vertical search.

*SEO Toolbar, allowing users to add slashtags from any site, mark spam and view SEO data in real time

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