Blekko Bans eHow and Other Content Farms

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According to a TechCrunch story just published the war against content farms has reached Blekko. WebProNews is seeking to confirm the facts. To learn more about Blekko and its approach to fighting web spam watch the embedded video interview our WebProNews team conducted at Pubcon with Blekko founder Rich Skrenta below.

TechCrunch reports that Blekko is now (or about to) block the top 20 sites its users have marked as a source of web spam. The list includes prominent content producers and

This can only put additional pressure on Google to focus on content farms and whether it wants to continue to rank their articles so highly. WebProNews has recently written a series of articles focusing on how eHow and other large article sites are dominating thousands of Google search results. According to Demand Media founder Richard Rosenblatt, Demand has already produced over 3 million articles that are now indexed in Google. They are producing 7,000 pieces of content per day and intend to increase this quantity. Rosenblatt also states that the quality of their content is extremely important and that they are always trying to improve it.

At this rate Demand could have over 15 million articles indexed in Google and other search engines within five years. If Google continues to rank them so highly it might be more efficient to simply do your searching at eHow itself!

Here is a video in which Blekko's Rich Skrenta talks about web spam with WebProNews:




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