Blake Lively: Is It Baby Time Yet?


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Blake Lively married Ryan Reynolds in 2012 and the couple has been enjoying their time together without children.

After their marriage, Blake said that she might want children at some point in the future but was focusing on her career for the time being.

Ryan also agreed that the couple was not ready for children yet but said that he was ready whenever Blake was.

It seems like Blake may have changed her mind and is now considering starting a family with her husband of two years. A source close to the actress said,

"Her baby hormones are going crazy. Blake grew up in a big family, so she wants more than one!"

Although Blake may not have talked about children often in the past, when she did talk about future family plans, she did mention that she would like to have several children and a big family.

"I’ve always wanted a big family. Oh, I'd love 30 [children] if I could," she said in an interview.

Ryan has been waiting for his wife to get onboard with the baby thing and it is rumored that the couple already have a few names picked out for when they do get pregnant. Since the couple got married in South Carolina, they have picked out names that honor their wedding location. If they have a girl they want to name her Carolina and if they have a boy, Charleston.

Blake has denied rumors that she is currently pregnant and it does not appear as if she's hiding a baby bump. When the time comes she will likely not hide it at all.

Do you think Blake and Ryan are being pressured by the media to have children or are they finally ready to take the next step in their relationship and start a family together?

Image via Wikimedia Commons