BlackBerry Messenger Gets Video Chat And Screen Share In BlackBerry 10

IT Management

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BlackBerry 10 officially launched today to a chorus of BlackBerry fans extolling its praises. The new features, such as Hub and Flow, are sure to excite long time fans. The new BlackBerry Messenger app will probably do the same.

The company formerly known as RIM showed off its new BlackBerry Messenger app today. The integrated messenger service has evolved quite a bit over the years, and the transition to BlackBerry 10 presents a new, fresh look for one of BlackBerry's defining features.

First up is BBM Video Chat and Screen Share. Video chat is pretty self-explanatory, but Screen Share is something wholly unique to BB10. Users can now share what's on their display with their friends during a video chat. It would be especially useful for those who like to share photos of family members or pets with their friends.

It wouldn't be a new BlackBerry product if there wasn't a focus on business applications, and the new BlackBerry Messenger has just that. The company says that Screen Share is especially useful for those who want to share documents, like Powerpoint slides and Excel spreadsheets, with coworkers over a live video chat.

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