Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac Doesn't Support PlayBook

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Since the BlackBerry PlayBook became available in stores yesterday, there have been a string of complaints and notable issues with the device.

Many were frustrated by the device's lack of native email and calendar apps, but those concerns were slightly assuaged by the Bridge App which allowed users to seamlessly connect their new PlayBooks to their existig RIM smartphones.

Except for AT&T subscribers, who do not have access to the app.  AT&T says that the app needs further testing while many speculate that the mobile provider is simply incensed that the application allows users to tether to their 3G for free.  Luckily, an alternative method has been found to install the app so AT&T subscribers aren't completely left out of the party.

Today, Crackberry has reported another issue to add to the list.

Apparently, if you plug your shiny new PlayBook into a Mac, you will be prompted to install new drivers.  After that, however, nothing happens.  It turns out that BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac does not have PlayBook support yet.  Crackberry procured a statement from RIM, but it is beyond vague:

Desktop Manager for Mac will be available this summer.

Don't fret, users of Macs and Blackberrys.  There is a way to make this all work until the summer, you'll just have to do it manually:

Of course, this doesn't mean that Mac users are left high and dry. Upon connecting a PlayBook to a Mac via microUSB cable for the first time, you'll be prompted to install drivers onto your Mac. Once installed, your PlayBook will appear as a network drive and you can easily drag and drop to transfer your pictures, movies, documents and other files onto the PlayBook. You can even transfer files via WiFi. So you can survive without worries without Desktop Manager, but for those of you waiting on Desktop Manager for Mac support, you now have a better idea of when it's coming.

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