BlackBerry Announces New Mobility Management Cloud Service

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BlackBerry is on its last legs. The company just released a devastating quarterly report detailing a $965 million loss. It is also on the verge of being bought out for $4.7 billion by a group of investors led by FairFax Financial Holdings.

In both its buyout announcement and its quarterly report, BlackBerry emphasized that it would re-focus its efforts toward its enterprise solutions, leaving behind the mobile device hardware initiatives that have led it to its current state. This week the company gave the business world the first glimpse at what the future of BlackBerry could be.

BlackBerry has announced a new mobile management cloud service for the enterprise market. According to the company, the service will be simple to use and easy to deploy, with no servers or software to install. The service will have a web-based console for administrators to control and deploy services. Simple tasks such as changing passwords will be able to be done by end-users from their devices.

In addition to BlackBerry devices, the service will be able to control both iOS and Android devices. Security and compliance settings can be set for the mobile devices, and app permissions can also be set for the App Store, Google Play, and BlackBerry World.

The new cloud service is not yet available, and pricing has not yet been announced. BlackBerry believes that the software's ease-of-use will set it apart from other mobility management software. Whether or not this is true, its established brand in the enterprise market will at least help it make in-roads into the market.

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