Black Sabbath Featured In A California Theme Park


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Black Sabbath was recently featured in an attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Ozzy Osbourne, as he is known for his horrific and disturbing antics, has finally got himself featured in a Halloween themed exhibit at Universal Studios. The attraction is based on the band's newly released album titled "13," which was released in June. This marks the 19th album released by the band.

Black Sabbath released their self-titled debut album in 1970 and gained a large amount of popularity in the 70's and 80's, becoming one of the historic bands of the genre, with hit songs such as "Iron Man" and "Paranoid." Ozzy has always been known for his theatrical and shocking antics, and I think we all remember, or at least remember hearing about that time when he bit a bat on stage, right? While on a behind the scenes tour of the attraction, he spotted a bloody mannequin corpse and promptly decided to lean down and act like he was drinking the blood from the decapitated body with his tongue, according to San Jose Mercury News.

This marks the first time for Osbourne and Sabbath's songs to be turned into a maze. It comes at a time when organizers of Halloween attractions turned to new theatrical and technological innovations in the hopes of diminishing their competition. Ozzy is very excited about the exhibit and said "It adds another dimension to what we do, which is incredible because we've been doing it for 45 years." The band also is preparing to release a live DVD of concert material that was recorded earlier this year in Melburne, Australia. The trailer for the film was just released and it will be titled Gathered In The Masses, due for a November release.

This marks the first time since Halloween Horror Nights, the horror themed part of the park, has included video effects in a maze. In the exhibit, a room inspired by their song "Electric Funeral," there are monitors made to look like windows, which broadcast explosive 3-D visuals in tandem with a wind machine.

This year, Black Sabbath is also able to celebrate their first No. 1 album in America. While Ozzy has been on tour with Black Sabbath in South America, his son Jack also took the time to post a picture of his granddaughter, Pearl Osbourne, who was dressed up just like him for the Halloween season.

Image via Youtube