Black Hole Theory to Supplant Big Bang?


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While the big bang theory seems simple enough - the universe exploded forth from a single point due to ever-increasing temperatures and extreme pressure and has been expanding ever since - it is anything but. Since the 1920s, the big bang theory has been the best scientific explanation for how our universe came into existence. With new scientific discoveries coming every day, however, the scientific community has learned more and more about the origins of the universe over the past 90-odd years. Now, a new theory states that our known universe may simply be a "mirage".

Over the years, the once solid big bang theory has become riddled with holes and unexplained phenomena. One of the main issues with the theory is the idea of how an entire universe, governed by so many scientific rules and laws, could have ever existed in a singularity, where the rules of physics simply cease to matter or exist.

If the theory put forth by researchers at the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics in Canada is true, then our universe most likely never existed in a singularity point, eliminating that potential hole in the big bang theory.

The new theory goes even further than that, however, by replacing the whole enchilada. Instead of a single point exploding and giving birth to a new universe, the researchers at the Perimeter Institute believe that our universe may be the three-dimensional event horizon of a four-dimensional black hole, created by the collapse of a four-dimensional star in a four-dimensional universe.

Now, while that theory may sound too-fantastical to be true, the researchers guarantee that it is backed by scientific principles and pure mathematics. And, while no one may understand what a four-dimensional universe may look or act like, the concept of this three-dimensional "mirage" is one most people are already familiar with: Plato's "Allegory of the Cave".

Their shackles have prevented them from perceiving the true world, a realm with one additional dimension. Plato's prisoners didn't understand the powers behind the sun, just as we don't understand the four-dimensional bulk universe. But at least they knew where to look for answers.

Unfortunately, this theory may bring more questions than answers - as most scientific theories are wont to do. The black hole theory answers the question as to how our universe came into being, but fails to answer the obvious - from whence did the four-dimensional universe arise? The world may never know...

Image via Wikimedia Commons