Black Friday Deals At Apple Stores: Macs, iPads, iPods, and Accessories

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Yesterday, announcements for a Black Friday sale began popping up on Apple's sites in the U.S., UK, Australia and many more locations. It was pretty non-specific, simply saying that a one-day event was to take place on November 25th, and that it would include deals on Macs, iPods and iPads.

According to some leaked details obtained by 9to5Mac, this year's Black Friday sale at Apple Stores will resemble Black Friday sales of the past. The Mac line, including the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro and the iMac will receive the most significant discounts.

Here are some of the top discounts on devices:

  • MacBook Air: $101 off, starting at $898
  • MacBoook Pro: $101 off, starting at $1098
  • iMac: $101 off, starting at $1098
  • iPad 2: $41 to $61 off (depending on capacity), the 16GB starting at $458
  • iPod Nano: $11 off, starting at $118
  • iPod Touch: $21 to $41 off (depending on capacity), starting at $178

So the more GB you buy, the bigger the discount for the iPad 2 and the iPod Touch.

The Black Friday sale will also discount accessories including a Phillips Dual Dock Clock Radio for $98 ($52 off), a Michael Kors Clutch for you iPhone for $58 ($22 off), and $11 off an Apple Wireless Keyboard.

According to the leaks, iTunes gift cards will also receive a discount: $45 for a $50 card.

Like events of the past, these discounts are far from monumental. But hey, it is Apple we're talking about here. Still, if you were planning on getting your loved one an iMac for the holidays, it doesn't hurt to get 100 bucks off.

According to emails sent out by Apple on Tuesday, the sale will occur both online and in retail stores.

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