BitTorrent Torque Allows Users To Make Torrent-Based Web Apps

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Does the introduction of introduction of web-based app development further legitimize the concept of file sharing via BitTorrent technology? Does it remove the vail of "this kind of technology is only used to steal" from act of sharing torrents with other computer users? Whether or not that was the goal of the BitTorrent developers, it's hard not to consider the ramifications of such a legitimate move.

Over at the BitTorrent blog, the team discusses the launch of BitTorrent Torque, which is related to the lead image in name only. Although it's still in the alpha stage, it's hard for them to discuss the program's potential without a modicum of excitement:

BitTorrent Torque is a JavaScript interface to a custom torrent client that exposes all the power of BitTorrent to web developers. Simply put, it allows anyone to utilize our powerful technology to create completely fresh and new experiences for users with just a couple lines of code.

This alpha allows BitTorrent to move beyond desktop clients. We believe web developers are pioneers when it comes to creating beautiful, intuitive user experiences. Torque will empower them to create powerful applications that will appeal to broad audiences.

Considering the ideas some have when "torrents" are mentioned, it's clear there are many more options available than just sharing ripped movies and music. That being said, the majority of the apps being created are to make the act of file sharing that much easier. As an example, the four featured apps over at the BitTorrent Torque Labs offer such capabilities:

Turns all torrents links into regular downloads. No torrents to manage. Just content.


Create a sharable link to a file on your computer. No cloud, no hosting. Just a link directly to your file.

So while the capabilities increase, it doesn't look like the associations that are made when the word "torrent" is used will be going away anytime soon.

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