Bitcoin Creator Possibly Found. Anyone Care?


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If anyone was anticipating a major furor over the creator of Bitcoins being discovered, they're no doubt disappointed.

As of now a Japanese American known by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto is thought to be the creator of the digital currency. He was reportedly found in Southern California where he presently resides.

The man denied any and all involvement with the creation of Bitcoins to the Associated Press. Either the wrong man was credited with the currency's creation or for some reason the "Father" of Bitcoins wishes to remain unknown. Some speculate the reason for his adamant denials are tax-related.

Regardless of the man's story, numerous sources insist that his discovery is largely irrelevant. The survival of the Bitcoin is said to rest in the many hands of the persons responsible for its creation and maintenance.

By all accounts...not exactly a smooth ride so far given the recent scandals and theft

Despite ongoing troubles, some continue to throw their full support behind the Bitcoin, including the Winklevoss Twins. A few days ago the capitalist brothers made headlines when they used an estimated $500,000 worth of the currency to purchase tickets for a flight into space.

Though owning the coins has worked out well for some, others have have been so unfortunate as to watch their money vanish.

Those who have thus far held onto their money may soon find that their previously unregulated cash stash is highly taxable. Despite Japan not recognizing the Bitcoin as a currency, there is talk of taxing it.

With the Bitcoin's ongoing struggle for legitimacy, it's no wonder that no one really has time to stand around in awe and admire the man who allegedly gifted the world with the Bitcoin.

Gregory Maxwell, a core developer of the Bitcoin, said, "If the creator of bitcoin mattered to our ability to use it, then bitcoin has failed in its technological goals".

Image via Wikimedia Commons