Bird Steals Camera And Records Flight


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Have you ever heard of a bird's eye view? Well one little bird has brought a new meaning to the phrase. A sea eagle decided to steal a camera that was being used to record crocodiles in northwest Australia and carried it over 70 miles on a journey to Mary River.

Sea eagles are known to travel great distances to hunt for food. Once they capture their prey, they bring it back to their nests to feed their young. Why this bird decided to take the camera is unknown, but it may have confused it for food or just been curious about it.

The camera remained on throughout the journey and captured amazing views and photos along the way. At one point, the bird decided it wanted to film itself and appears to look straight into the camera.

The camera was left at the Margaret River in May but disappeared shortly after it was set up. Rangers assumed it had fallen into the water. The camera was recently found near Mary River, which is around 70 miles away from the Margaret River.


Once the rangers reviewed the camera's footage, they realized that the sea eagle had been the thief. The rangers were also able to appreciate the humor in the theft and were impressed by the amazing scenery captured by the bird.

The rangers plan to install new cameras, but will be more careful about securing them in place so they are not carried off by another bird or curious creature.

Images from Wikimedia Commons and News Inc.