BioWare Is Going To "Fix" Mass Effect 3's Ending


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Mass Effect 3 has been polarizing for the industry and gamers this year to say the least. The disappointing ending, the day-one DLC and a myriad of other issues have fans pretty upset with the RPG behemoth.

There has been work on the side of both BioWare and fans to fix all this up. BioWare has already addressed fans' concerns and have said that "some of our most passionate fans needed more closure, more answers, and more time to say goodbye to their stories..." In response, an enraged fan has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission saying that the ending betrayed their expectations.

Today, the big dog of BioWare, co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka, took to the company blog to lay out the future of Mass Effect 3 and address the fan response thus far. Perhaps learning from all the bad reactions that previous BioWare statements have caused, Dr. Muzyka chooses his words carefully. He defends the Mass Effect 3 team and the high reviews the game has received, but says that "out of respect to our fans, we need to accept the criticism and feedback with humility."

To that end, Dr. Muzyka announced that the Mass Effect 3 team is now working on "a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey." He then said to expect more information on what this means in April.

In the meantime, he encourages fans to keep giving them feedback on the game and what they feel should be fixed. He does, however, stress that they only want constructive feedback. He feels that some of the criticism by their "most ardent fans" has become "destructive rather than constructive."

As a final plea to gamers who perhaps are just jumping onto the hate bandwagon just to be hatin', he says:

I urge you to do your own research: play the game, finish it and tell us what you think. Tell your friends if you feel it’s a good game as a whole. Trust that we are doing our damndest, as always, to address your feedback. As artists, we care about our fans deeply and we appreciate your support.

I'm staying out of the argument because I've not played Mass Effect 3 yet. From what I hear, both sides have good arguments. Dr. Muzyka is a smart man, however, and he knows what he's doing. If he says that BioWare is going to fix it, you can rest assured that it will happen.

Do you think this is a proper response to the Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco? Or do you want more from BioWare? Let us know in the comments.