Bioshock Infinite Drops Multiplayer


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While BioShock Infinite could be one of the most anticipated AAA gaming titles in recent years, the news now leaking out about the game's development is enough to worry even the biggest BioShock fan.

It has been almost two years since the game was announced, and a steady stream of art concepts from the game, along with a teaser trailer, have kept fans wanting more all this time. When the title's release date was pushed back to February 2013, it was disappointing. It wasn't worrying, though, since other titles such as the Tomb Raider reboot and Far Cry 3 have also been delayed this year.

The worrying part comes in with more recent news. Kotaku this week reported that unnamed sources at Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite's developer, describe progress on the title as "lacking needed focus." As evidence of this claim, Kotaku confirms that a planned multiplayer feature for the game has been cancelled, one of many such projects surrounding the title to be dumped.

The Kotaku story also points out that Irrational Games has been bleeding developers at an alarming rate. Just this week the developer lost both its director of product development and a senior art director.

Ken Levine, the creative director for BioShock Infinite, assuaged gamer fears by telling Kotaku all of the senior team members from the original BioShock are working on the new game. Also, Rod Fergusson, Epic Games' former director of production, has been hired on at Irrational Games, presumably to help finish up BioShock Infinite.

Hopefully, Fergusson will help Irrational Games focus on polishing what will be one of the last big-budget titles to be released for this generation of consoles. It has been almost five years since the debut of the original BioShock, and another delay might cause gamers to overlook BioShock Infinite for the next-generation console titles that will no doubt be hyped next year.

(via Kotaku)