'BioShock Infinite' DLC Video Teases Return to Rapture


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Early this year, Irrational Games released two Mockumentaries previewing the world of Columbia, the floating city that served as the setting of BioShock: Infinite. The docs were made in the style of old 70s documentaries on paranormal or mysterious topics. The series was titled "Truth From Legend" and subtitled "Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?"

Now, with an all-new DLC story campaign set to take gamers back to Rapture (the underwater-city setting of the original BioShock), Irrational has brought back the "Truth From Legend" series with a new topic: "Rapture: A Modern Day Atlantis?" The video teases a noir-style poster of Booker and Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite, both re-cast in 1950s roles in Rapture.

The release date for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea has not yet been announced. The add-on will come in two parts, and will tell the story of Booker as a private eye in Rapture. Elizabeth will play the classic role of the sultry woman who sets the case in motion - a case that appears to be linked to the eventual fate of Rapture.