Bing UK Testing New Homepage Design, Cleaner Search Results


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Bing's been pushing a lot of changes recently to its U.S. users, and now it seems that the search engine is beginning to share some of those changes with other parts of the world, beginning with its service in the United Kingdom.

The new Bing homepage that it's currently testing in the U.K. has a design that closely resembles the U.S. version in that the image remains centered but the background color is now charcoal. The bar different search categories like Images, Videos, Maps, News, etc., now float above the central image instead of hanging at the very top of the browser screen while the lower bar that presents recent search history and trending searches remains at the bottom of the image although super-imposed on the image.

To compare, here's the current Bing U.K. homepage design:

Bing UK Homepage

And here's the new redesigned homepage Bing U.K. is testing out for some users (and no, I don't know why Bing used such a small image as an example of something people are probably interested in seeing clearly and with detail):

Bing UK Homepage

I suppose you don't exactly need a bigger image to see the changes, but it certainly makes it less impressive when the example is scaled down so much, as if discovering that the duck l'orange you ordered is served in a teacup instead of a full plate.

As you can see below in the example taken from Bing's U.S. homepage, the redesign the company's currently testing in the U.K. is very similar if not identical (excepting the different photograph, of course).

Bing US Homepage

Anyways. A second test design that U.K. users of Bing may be seeing is a new look to the search results page. Gone is the three-column look as the Related Searches and targeted advertising have been combined in the right-hand column, leaving some space on the left-hand side of the screen.

Here's the old layout:

Bing UK Search Results

And the new, test-stage layout (and yes, again with the micro-example):

Bing UK Search Results

The change to the search results layout is similar to what Bing did for users in the United States last month while the search engine was simultaneously beginning to test out the new social search-infused model of Bing. Given that historical pattern, Bing users in the U.K. shouldn't be terribly surprised if they start seeing the new Bing design out there in the wild sometime in the near future.