Search Bing For Code, Edit It Right In Search Results

Bing has teamed up with HackerRank on a new way to search code and see it run in a live coded editor within Bing's search results.

Rather than looking through sites like Stackoverflow, Stackexchange, and blogs, you can search from Bing and save a great deal of time. At least that's what they're promising. Just search a query, hit enter, and get a solution along with the ability to edit the code in real time.

Bing Group Engineering Manager Marcelo De Barros and HackerRank CEO and co-founder Vivek Ravisankar wrote a joint blog post announcing the news (h/t: Search Engine Journal). They said:

It’s a typical night. You’re in the zone with a half-full Red Bull by your side. You’ve come a long way in learning a brand new programming language when—bam—you run into problem you’re not quite sure about. So, you do what any programmer would do in your situation: You search for the solution.

This is one of the most common productivity pitfalls for programmers today. If you want to improve on or learn a new algorithm, you search in engines and figure out which blue link to click. Then, you have to transfer all of this into your editor. You trial and error until you find the right solution. If only there was a way to search a function and immediately see the solution in one step.

This is the type of scenario they're aiming to help with.

The functionality is live now C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, and Java are supported. Just go to Bing and search accordingly.

Image via HackerRank/Bing