Bing Spreads Facebook "Liked Results"

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People who use both Facebook and Bing should soon become more familiar than ever with the concept of "social search."  The integration of Facebook "Likes" into Bing's results is continuing so that searchers can see which sites have earned their friends' approval.

A post on the Bing Search Blog explained this morning, "A few months ago, we announced an exciting partnership with Facebook to make search more social.  As part of that work, we introduced Liked Results, which promotes links your friends have publicly liked or shared via Facebook.  Today we are extending Liked Results to annotate any of the URLs returned by our algorithmic search results to all users in the US."

So here's the bottom line: "If your friends have publicly liked or shared any of the algorithmic search results shown on Bing, we will now surface them right below the result."

Of course, this development calls into question whether you trust the opinions of your friends more than those of professional reviewers, but that's a problem for individuals, not Bing, to resolve.  The initial "cool" factor of seeing that your friends liked a certain search result is considerable, regardless.

Indeed, it's not hard to imagine that more people will now give Bing a try, at least when conducting certain types of searches (for restaurants or bands, maybe).  Google and Yahoo don't have anything that can really compare to the "Liked Results" feature.

The Bing blog post promised that additional changes are on the way, as well, so something even more interesting related to Facebook and social search may be introduced in the near-ish future.

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