Bing Secures Place In Hyundai's Connected Vehicle Program


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Bing is, in both a figurative and literal sense, on a roll this week.  First came word that Toyota's new in-car infotainment system will feature Bing Maps and Bing for Mobile, and now, it seems a new product from Hyundai called Blue Link will do much the same thing.

Bing partnered with Hyundai and ATX (which deals in connected vehicle technology) in order to make this happen, and an official statement explained, "Through [Blue Link], Hyundai drivers can access via voice activation location-based and dynamic content supplied by Bing, including points of interest, addresses, restaurant ratings, gas prices, weather and more."

Then the statement continued, "ATX will also provide Hyundai drivers with access to Bing Maps through a highly customized Hyundai website, which allows the driver to personalize with dynamic content that can be sent to the vehicle.  ATX also relies on Bing mapping tools at its response centers, where specialists are trained to provide drivers with real-time, location-specific guidance or emergency assistance."

So, together with lots of Toyota owners, new Hyundai owners will get a chance to become much more familiar with Bing's offerings.  That could translate to increased Bing usage when they park their cars and head indoors.

Blue Link will first become available on the well-reviewed Hyundai Sonata and the highly anticipated (but yet-to-be-unveiled) Hyundai Veloster.

It should be interesting to see how the product's received and what kind of adoption rate occurs.