Bing Saves Is Now Available To All In Open Beta


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Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I wish I could bookmark this Web site in anything other than my browser?" You probably haven't, but Bing thinks you might have.

Last month, Bing introduced a new feature called Bing Saves. It's essentially a bookmarking feature within Bing that allowed you to save Web sites to your Microsoft account and visit them later. The logic behind this appears to be that you might want to save some Web sites for later use, but don't feel they're important enough to warrant a bookmark in your browser.

When it first launched, Bing Saves was only available to a select number of people. Search Engine Land points out that the beta is now available to all so you can start saving Web sites.

If you feel the need to use Bing Saves, you simply have to visit the Web site. From there, you'll see a list of trending Web sites and a Public Feed of saved Web sites. To start adding personal bookmarks, you just need to add the "Save on Bing" button to your Web browser.

The Bing Saves feature is still in beta, but it will probably become a real product. After all, a similar feature has already been added to the Bing mobile app. In the recently updated Bing app for iOS, you can now bookmark search results for later use.

Image via Bing