Bing Retains #2 Rank Among Search Engines In January


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comScore's ranking of search engines for the month of January were released today and Microsoft's Bing has held onto the title of second most-used search engine for the second month in a row.

In December, Microsoft's Bing unseated Yahoo! to become the #2 rank among search engines and in January Bing cemented that second rank a little further. The percentage of shares among all search engines remained largely unchanged in January from December, which if you're Microsoft is probably good news. Consistency like that demonstrates that Bing's bump to the second most-used search engine in December wasn't just a fluke. Also, any argument about how the holidays inflated Microsoft's market share in December's would appear to be largely unfounded.

Given Yahoo's recent top-level shake-ups, it'll be curious to see if the percentage shares of the search market change much for the company in February.

Lastly, yes, Google remained Boss Hogg of the trough search engines.