Bing, OneDrive Team Up For Bing Rewards Promotion

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Can two segments of the same company team up? Aren't they already a team? These are the questions we must ask ourselves as Bing teams up with OneDrive for a new promotion.

Bing announced today that Bing Rewards members can use 100 credits to snag 100GB of free OneDrive storage for a year. That much storage usually costs $50 per year, but OneDrive is confident you'll use Bing for at least a few days to rack up those credits to get free storage.

For those unaware, OneDrive is the cloud hosting service formerly known as SkyDrive. Microsoft announced the name change back in January after it had decided to change the name instead of fighting over a trademark claim by UK network provider SkyBB. This is actually the second time Microsoft has had to change a product name with the Windows 8 Metro UI name being changed to the far less interesting "Windows 8 UI" after a trademark claim was filed by Metro - a German retail outlet.

So, how good is OneDrive's offer of 100GB of storage compare to other services? First things first, you might want to go with the offer if you already have 100 Bing Rewards credits. There's nothing else of value to get unless you just want to donate a lot of money to charity. If you don't have Bing Rewards or don't want to save, there are some alternatives.

First, Google Drive now offers 15GB of free storage. That storage is shared across both Drive and Gmail so you're good if you don't use email all that much. Another popular alternative is Dropbox which offers up to 18GB of free space, but there's a catch. You get 500MB of storage for every friend referred so you'll have to find and sign up 32 friends. The company also hosts a number of promotions around the year that can net you additional free space.

In short, the Bing Rewards offer is probably the best way to get a lot of free storage. It just requires to build up Bing Rewards credits which can be earned through searching the Web via Bing. You'll get 20 free credits for opening an account so might as well start now if you really want 100GB of online storage.

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