Bing Now Offering More Finance Information

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Bing said today it has added new features to make it easier for users to search for and find financial information.

Bing says it has developed a "stock and funds pages" which covers most U.S. stocks and funds.

The Bing Search Blog offers more details. "To see the stocks and funds you are interested in simply enter a ticker in the search box e.g MSFT. Note our 'Instant Answer' on top which provides basic data about the firm. If you click on the "Investor Data" tab on the left you go into our finance page."


"The finance page gives you detailed information about key finance metrics of the firm. It also shows an easy to digest summary of the main analyst covering the stock.  A personal favorite of mine are the lists on the left, which allow you to easily navigate to similar stocks or other leading stocks in the industry."


Bing says it plans to add new information and functionality to its stocks and found pages in the future.


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