Bing iPhone App Receives Big Update

IT Management

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The Bing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch should now offer users a much-improved experience.  Microsoft's released an updated version, and just about every aspect of the app was upgraded as part of this move.

Microsoft paid attention to the basics by implementing some stability fixes and adding support for the first-generation iPod Touch.  A post on the Bing Search Blog explained that the company performed some "usability tweaks" and "design updates," as well.

Then it went far beyond the normal nip-and-tuck treatment by introducing a host of new features and options (many of which had been requested by users).

First up was the ability to bookmark content and later access it straight from the Bing homepage.  The ability to copy and paste URLs was also added, and users can view and edit their search histories, or choose to make searches private from the start.

Search-related parental controls have been created, too, and travelers can alter their location settings in order to get results related to an area they're either already in or planning to visit.

All of these changes should help make the Bing app a lot more popular (and over a million copies have been downloaded already).  Maybe we'll even see the rumors about Bing replacing Google as the default iPhone search engine resurface as a result.