Bing Integrates Foursquare Tips Into Social Sidebar

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Back in May, Bing unveiled a pretty significant redesign of their search results pages. The new design, which launched in the U.S. on May 16th, features a three-column format. On the left, you have your traditional search results. In the middle you have "snapshot," which features relevant information like maps and images. and on the right is Bing's "social sidebar," which incorporates data from Facebook and other sources to allow you to see recommendations from friends across various social networks.

Today, Bing has announced the first new social sidebar integration since that big launch - and it involves location-based app Foursquare.

Now, searches will include Foursquare tips in the social sidebar, which gives Bing users even more information from the social community.

The tips will show the Foursquare icon and will also contain a link to the location's page on the network.

"The tips that we surface on Bing depend on the venue you are searching for and your location. For example, if you’re in New York your Starbucks search results would be specific to that area and different than the results that someone might see if they search in San Francisco," says Bing.

For Bing users in the U.S., the rollout begins today. They say that more Foursquare integration is on the way

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