Bing Has A New "Scroogled" Video

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Bing keeps going on about this Scroogled thing. Now, they've put out a new video.

Accompanying the video on the search engine's blog is the following explanation:

"Last week we launched the 'Scroogled' campaign to educate average people about what Google has done with their shopping site. Instead of showing you the most relevant shopping search results for the video game you’re looking to buy your kid, Google Shopping now decides what to show you based partially on how much the merchant selling the product has paid them. Merchants can literally pay to improve their chances to display their products higher than others inside of Google’s shopping “search,” even if it’s not less expensive for you. In that spirit, today we are releasing a new holiday themed animated video to help spread the word about what’s going on:"

Bing noted when the campaign launched that it was about Scrooge, rather than "getting screwed by Google," but here we do hear that it's not pronounced "Scrooge-led," but more like "Screw-gled".

Nothing like a little corporate holiday cheer.

Watch the original Scroogled video here.

Bing's PR is also passing around this study by FusionGPS, which "analyzed the impact of Google's recent changes to their shopping vertical."

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