Bing Desktop Updated With More Customization Options


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If you are a regular Bing user, chances are you use the Bing Desktop. At first, the application only brought a simplified version of the Bing search bar to desktops. After an update late last year that added a number of new features, Microsoft is at it again with another update that adds more options, including Facebook integration.

Microsoft says that Bing Desktop users now have three new customization options for Bing Desktop:

  • The first option allows you to minimize to Windows Taskbar as a toolbar.
  • The second option allows you to set a keyboard shortcut so you can launch the search box with a few simple keystrokes.
  • The third option lets you minimize the search bar to your systems tray.
  • Bing Desktop is also finally getting Facebook integration after its Web-based brother integrated with the social network last year. The application now serves as a notification hub of sorts:

    Now you can connect Bing Desktop to Facebook and enjoy updates without having to open your browser. In a few simple clicks, you can get friends’ latest updates including posts, comments and posts directly to your desktop.

    Finally, Bing Desktop is getting a number of new personalization features:

    We are also introducing new settings that allow you to choose which recent homepage image you would like displayed as your desktop wallpaper, control of your search history, the choice of whether Bing Desktop loads when Windows starts and more.

    This latest update to Bing Desktop is available across all versions in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, France, Germany, India, China and Japan.

    If you find yourself wanting to experience Bing Desktop, you can grab it here. You can also find it sitting at the bottom of the optional updates in Windows Update.