Bing Can Now Tell You How Much Your Bitcoins Are Worth

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2013 was the year of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, dogecoin and others attempted to decentralize the currency system by creating a method of payment that was anonymous and mostly untraceable. As you can imagine, it became very popular.

Now, you may be sitting on a pile of bitcoins, but you have no idea how much they're worth. Sure, you could use any one of the multiple sites that track conversion rates, but now you can find out how much your bitcoins are worth through a simple Bing search.

Bing announced today that bitcoin conversion is now live in search. In other words, you can now simply search for "20,000 USD to btc" and it will bring up a conversion via Coinbase.

Bing Can Now Tell You How Much Your Bitcoins Are Worth

In the spirit of constantly comparing Bing to Google, it would appear that Bing has come out on top in this case. Both search engines offer currency conversion in search, but Bing is the first to offer bitcoin conversion. Here's what you get when you search for usd to bitcoin on Google:

Bing Can Now  Tell You How Much Your Bitcoins Are Worth

As you can see, Google does point you in the right direction when it comes to finding bitcoin conversion rates. It just doesn't display it directly in the search results. I don't see it staying that way, however, as Google will likely work bitcoin conversion into its search results in the near future. We've reached out to Google to see if the company will be adding bitcoin conversion rates to its search results anytime soon, and will update if and when we hear back.

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