Bing Banned 150,000 Advertisers in 2015

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If you want to advertise on Bing you can't be misleading, at least that's the message from Bing today in it's 2015 Ad Quality Year in Review report. Bing also blocked 250,000 ads and over 50,000 websites from advertising in their search engine.

Other insights from Bing include over 2,000 advertisers detected for attempted phishing, more than 7,000 advertisers and 700,000 ads blocked for selling counterfeit products and over 50 million ads rejected (often algorithmically) for trademark infringement.

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Bing Ads also rejected 800,000 ads for violating pharmacy guidelines, 15 million blocked for 3rd party tech support scams and 30 million were blocked for advertising spam or misleading content. Read more here.

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