Bing Announces Ties To New Toyota System

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Ford's SYNC, an advanced in-car "connectivity system" that allows users to play music, get directions, and make phone calls, has earned rave reviews for years.  Now, Toyota's announced its own take on the concept - dubbed Entune - and it looks like Bing will play a key role.

Whereas SYNC boasts ties to Google Maps, a Microsoft representative explained in an email to WebProNews, "When Entune launches later this year, Bing for Mobile and Bing Maps will be featured as one of several immediately accessible apps, giving drivers access to more than 16 million points of interest."

The representative then continued, "Entune offers advanced conversational voice recognition and integrated mobile apps, allowing drivers to search for a destination, point of interest or restaurant and have the information and directions seamlessly delivered to the navigation system from Bing."

This is something owners are sure to take advantage of on a regular basis.  It's then possible that, after parking their Entune-equipped cars, they'll be more likely to visit Bing the next time they're in front of a computer.

There is the question of pricing and adoption, of course.  Toyota hasn't yet announced whether Entune will cost $200 or $2,000, and it's possible a lot of shoppers will leave the option box unchecked.

Still, with a price tag of $395, SYNC has found its way into 3 million vehicles since late 2007, so as long as Entune remains competitive, it's likely that a lot of Corolla, Camry, and Prius owners will soon start getting better acquainted with Bing.

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