Bing Adds MLB Instant Answers to Search Results

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On the heels of last week's announcement that it would begin including answers from Encyclopedia Britannica among search results, Bing announced today that it's got another timely offering of answers for this summer season. Now, when you search for a Major League Baseball team or individual player you can instantly see the answer associated to your search inserted among the blue links.

For instance, I did a search of the Los Angeles Dodgers, mainly because that was my favorite team when I was a kid and when I still followed baseball. As you an see in the example below, Bing displays the next three upcoming games of the Dodgers as well as their record and league rank. By hovering over the different boxes that say "Schedule," "Scores," and "2012 Leaders," you can see the team's associated statistics and figures without having to leave the page of search results.

BING MLB Answers in Search

A minor note: weirdly, searching "los angeles dodgers" doesn't conjure the same answer box as "l.a. dodgers" does.

If you missed last night's game(s), can search the generic term "MLB score" and see the latest scores of games around the league.

BING MLB Answers in Search

Finally, if you're looking to brush up on the individual qualities of baseball players, you can search the name of any current player and find their current stats for the year. I searched the first player whose name I could find, Mariano Rivera, and his 2012 regular season stats were at the very top of my page.

BING MLB Answers in Search

Judging only from the example searches I did to test out the MLB answers on Bing, it appears that a lot of the information for this feature is culled from Fox Sports. More, if you click on any of the "See more" links included in the answers, I always seemed to be directed to Fox Sports' page.

As of now, this feature is said to only be available for Bing users in the United States.

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