Bindi Irwin Gets A Surprise Visit From Her Long-Distance Boyfriend On 'Dancing With The Stars'

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Although she faced a few setbacks on her recent performance in Dancing with the Stars, Bindi Irwin still wore a wide smile on her face.

Irwin’s reunion with boyfriend, Chandler Powell, obviously provided more inspiration for her performance. He visited Irwin during the rehearsals as well as showed his support as she performed with partner Derek Hough. Irwin and Powell are currently in a long distance relationship, so his visit came as a huge and pleasant surprise to her.

Irwin shared a sweet photo of herself with her pro wakeboarder boyfriend.

He's here ❤️ Thank you for always making me laugh, helping me to ice my foot when it hurts, making me tea and hugging me when I'm tired. You're amazing.

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“He’s here ❤,” she said proudly on Instagram. “Thank you for always making me laugh, helping me to ice my foot when it hurts, making me tea and hugging me when I’m tired. You’re amazing.”  

Last Saturday, Irwin and Powell also posed sweetly for the cameras as they made their way to the studio. Powell cheered her on from the audience, where he was seated behind Irwin’s mom and brother.  It seemed like Powell’s cheers pushed Irwin to give her best even though her foot was aching from an injury and she only had two days to practice for a new song.

When he isn’t physically present to support her, Powell goes on social media and religiously posts photos of Irwin’s performances on Instagram, urging his fans to call the number on the caption and vote.  

Irwin also proudly shared that her boyfriend gets along pretty well with her family.

“My brother approves. I don't know who loves him more - me or Robert,” Irwin said.

Irwin and Powell met in 2013 when Powell visited the Irwin family's Australia Zoo. Soon after, Irwin confirmed they were already dating.

“There is someone special in my life right now, and I’m really happy with that. Life is wonderful at the moment”, Irwin said.

As of now, Powell would be back jetting across the globe so Irwin has to write letters to him again. Thanks to Facetime and Skype, distance no longer matters as much as it did before.

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