Bindi Irwin Doesn't Get Talking Smack, Raps About Cheese Prior to "DWTS" Group Dance Showdown

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Bindi Irwin is clearly way too sweet to talk smack, so when the Dancing With the Stars competitor tried her hand at it this week before the group dance showdown, it was first cute--and then funny.

"You guys are gonna get out there and... uh, probably do a good job!" Bindi Irwin said to the team hers was competing against--complimenting them instead.

Fellow DWTS competitors and pros alike had a great time teasing poor Bindi for not getting the notion of talking smack. They decided to give the 17-year-old conservationist a chance to redeem herself, so she rapped for them--about cheese.

"I don't actually really like cheese, I don't know why, but I think it's cause how it tastes and how it feels in my mouth because it's cheesy and it's kinda weird!" Bindi Irwin rapped, before insisting just how disgusting she truly finds cheese.

"And it's mold!" Bindi Irwin yelled, grabbing the microphone. "Why would you eat mold? It's moldy cheese!"

Bindi's pro partner, Derek Hough, was no doubt trying to keep his laughter at bay when he said, "It's a good point. That was good smack talk."

The truth is, someone as sweet as Bindi Irwin probably had no clue what smack talk even was before then. The teen has undergone a lot of firsts since her time at Dancing With the Stars--including the first time ever wearing high heels.

Later in the show, Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough went on to earn perfect 10s for their tango, with Bindi dressed as Queen of the Vampires. The number required more maturity than Derek was comfortable asking the teen to perform.

"I asked her to [be] fierce, and I said the word sexy, and I said I hate saying that in front of you Bindi," he explained. "But then she's like, 'Ok, I'll try. Yeah, sure.'"

Bindi Irwin has now proven herself twofold. She can dance sexy and rap about cheese. As for that smack talk--she might have a bit left to learn in that area.

Kimberly Ripley
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